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Cryptodipity Shop is the first global marketplace that has built the next-generation eBay; but better, now making it easy for anyone to get involved with cryptocurrency by selling anything of value. Sellers keep 100% of the sales profits they make!

With the creation of GavelCoin any seller will be able to pay their fee’s and consignment on any participating auction site. A seller may also accept GavelCoin as a form of payment on their auction sale. ICO coming soon!

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have gone through an unprecedented growth in value, creating a new generation of millionaires in its wake. Until now, those who have benefited the most are largely the ultra tech-savvy. At Crytodipity, our goal is to help the non-technical, everyday person learn how to get involved with cryptocurrency with little or no money. All Brand Developers will have access to our growing tutorials and online educational materials that will help you learn and become smarter about the explosive cryptocurrency markets.

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